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Angelo Causarano

Interior Decorator

The study ” Angelo Causarano Interior Designer ” was born in Scicli in 2001 and in 2005 he moved to Pozzallo where in 2014 opened new headquarters in Via Corrado Tedeschi 2 / a.
The technical study deals with Architectural Design , Interior Decoration and Renovation of Exteriors and Interiors , taking care of accomplishments also important and sought after . Original designs furnished areas , presented in 3D rendering and video project , they experience an exciting and unique with the primary objective to fulfill the needs of the client more refined . The study follows all stages of implementation with a Works Management accurate , providing all the services needed in order to process the paperwork required by the intervention until its completion .

“Philosophy of the study”
Interior decoration is an imitate art underlining everyone’s temperamental features, lifestyle, feelings. For one’s home everyone selects spaces, objects, colors, fabrics, and furniture reflecting oneself, so as to make a whole called “Home”. So an Interior Decorator comes into your “life” to reservedly know your being, to discreetly search through your dreams so as to realize your “habitat” beyond all your expectations.

To be able to listen and put one’s client at ease is fundamental in every job, as well as to suggest without imposing your opinion, so respecting their personal tastes and needs, trough your creativity and technical and artistic skills, so achieving the important combination of “Practicality and Beauty”. There are immeasurable dreams, but it’s nice to get to your dream whenever it’s possible. You often spend less than you think! The prestige of items is neither in their cost nor in the possibility to purchase them, but in the cultural and social capability to plainly live them. Angelo Causarano